About Us

What is the NSEAD?

The National Society for Education in Art and Design is the leading national authority concerned with art, craft and design across all phases of education in the United Kingdom. We offer, for a single subscription, the extensive benefits of membership of a professional association, a learned society and a trade union*.

Our authority is partly based on more than one hundred years' experience and concern for the subject. We have long-established contacts within government and its various agencies, with local education authority departments and other educational and cultural organisations in the United Kingdom. A particular strength is our extraordinary breadth of membership drawn from every sector of formal and informal art, craft and design education, together with an increasing number of overseas associate members. The NSEAD is the United Kingdom affiliate of the International Society for Education through Art, an UNESCO non-governmental organisation, with which we maintain very close links.

The NSEAD's unique membership position makes it the only educational organisation which is able to draw on opinions of practising experts and to promote policies for, and on behalf of, all sectors of art, craft and design education.

In 1996 the NSEAD established The Athene Trust, a charitable company with which we work in close association. In 2009 A4 (formerly the Association of Advisers and Inspectors for Art and Design) took the decision to merge with the Society - a process that was completed on 1st January 2010.

The Society is an independent trade union within the meaning of Section 30 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act 1974. However it should be noted that trade Union benefits are only available for those who reside and work in the United Kingdom.