Careers related learning in art, craft and design

Audit Tool

Departmental self evaluation

Evaluate careers IAG in your existing practice and consider how you might improve your careers related provision for your learners.

Question whether:

  • your teaching and learning in art and design offers clear career related opportunities for learners?
  • young people are aware of the range of career opportunities in art, craft and design?
  • learners are developing the knowledge, skills and understanding to help them access IAG and to progress?
  • teachers are keeping their industry knowledge up-to-date?

When planning your art and design curriculum try asking yourself the following three questions:

  1. What are you trying to achieve through integrating careers IAG into your teaching and learning?
  2. How can you organise your art and design curriculum to support these aims?
  3. How will you know if you are making an impact?

Using the self audit tool

The self-audit tool helps to identify how well you are linking IAG with your curriculum to develop young peoples’ understanding of careers in art, craft and design.

The left hand side of the table lists the six principles of effective careers education, whilst across the top are the relevant areas of the art and design programme of study.

Start by filling in the white spaces with examples of how your current planning meets these objectives. In the example, some boxes have already been completed using the activities from this website.

Next, identify the gaps in the experiences and opportunities you are offering your young people. Use these to inform your planning and to improve existing activities.

Return to this document at intervals to evaluate your progress.




Diagnostic Tool for School Leader

A similar tool for school leaders can be seen in the Impartial Careers Education pack, a copy of which can be downloaded from DCSF Publications and can also be downloaded from