Careers related learning in art, craft and design

The Importance of the Creative Industries

IDeA ‘world exports of visual arts more than doubled from £10.3 billion’

The creative and cultural industries are increasingly recognised as not only being a "defining feature of the British national identity" and vital component of our quality of life, but also as vital to the health of the UK economy, representing 8% of our GDP.

"It is a sector that has experienced rapid growth throughout the world in the last decade. The contribution of our creative economy to overall gross domestic product is the highest across all OECD countries."

Will Hutton, Work Foundation

Activity – Where next in the creative industries?

This activity will increase learners’ awareness of the breadth of employment opportunities in the creative and cultural sector and progression routes available. Remind the learners to keep a record of their personal role at each stage and the skills they have used as evidence for course assessment and to reference in CVs.

Ask your pupils to work in small groups and list as many different art, craft and design jobs as they can. The list opposite is a start:

Click here to access the case studies. Click here to find out more.

Compile a class list of jobs by discipline, clarifying the difference between job titles, “fashion designer”, and disciplines, “fashion”. It will soon become obvious that some occupations, such as graphic designers, fit into more than one sector of the creative industries.

Now ask your learners to select two jobs or disciplines that interest them and research possible pathways and qualifications. Cover as many disciplines on the class list as possible. Discuss ways of sharing their findings with peers, parents and local employers.











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