Careers related learning in art, craft and design

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Curriculum Opportunities

Schools should consider the careers possibilities outlined in the Curriculum Opportunities section of the art and design programme of study when designing their curriculum.

This encourages schools to provide opportunities for learners to explore how they might work with others. This is especially important for careers in arts, craft and design where workers often need to work collaboratively and take on roles in teams to deliver outcomes. Many of the case studies included here show how individuals frequently work as part of formal or informal teams.

Learning how art, craft and design functions in real situations helps to broaden pupils’ understanding through experiencing new ideas, techniques and processes. They should be given the opportunity to work with creative individuals and in creative environments. This may include working as a technician with an artist in residence or a small student team working on a real client brief in a studio space. You may be an artist/teacher yourself and prepared to host a learner for short periods. Even past students can contribute. Encourage them to bring their portfolios back into the classroom to share their experiences with your learners.


Click here to see an activity that illustrates how a project might be designed to allow learners to engage in a wide range of careers related opportunities.

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