NSEAD Consultant Members Database

NSEAD Consultant Members Database

Tony Jackson

Tony Jackson

Area of professional expertise

Developing innovative schemes of work
Subject knowledge in art, craft and design, to include 2D, 3D and new media.
Community and cross phase partnerships
Cross curricular learning partnerships through the visual arts
Leadership and management
Planning and organizing seminars and conferences in the arts
Able to raise standards both in Primary and Secondary schools
Providing team building workshops through creative art making with employees in industry

Biographical statement

With over 37 years in Visual Arts education including Head of an Arts Faculty, Director of Specialism and National Specialism Coordinator with SSAT, I have the necessary skill set to raise standards in teaching and learning in the arts and across the curriculum. My own leadership and teaching was described by Ofsted as outstanding. Having written the successful bid for specialist status (Visual Arts) I instigated a range of innovative projects that gained national attention. Leading colleagues with rigor, humor and high expectations they rose to the challenges that I set. This included developing learning partnerships with art and design that were symbiotic and promoted cross curricular work. The department was identified as being of national significance and received a National College for School Leadership bursary award.

Within this role I worked closely with both aspiring and established Arts designated schools supporting the development of their vision. I successfully promoted artist led workshops, residencies and liaised with DCMS, ACE and Creative Partnerships. The teacher as artist was also a key element of the professional development I set up. This became established in the programme of breakout sessions at the annual SSAT National Arts Conference which I organised with my colleague.

As well as my own creative practice as an artist, I am currently working for several professional development companies including the BBC and AQA with whom I am delivering professional development to art teachers across the country. Last year I took on the role of Artsmark assessor. My offer and ambition is to:

1. Support art and design teachers and subject leaders in the delivery of a high quality 21st century curriculum.

2. Promote a balanced delivery of art, craft and design, including new media and lens based work in schools.

3. Help head teachers in their management, leadership and communication skills both within the department and the senior management team.

4. Promote the arts as a driver for whole school improvement.

5. Deliver outstanding creative practice workshops to enrich students and teachers subject knowledge.

6. Demonstrate the impact the arts can have on cross curricular learning and in raising whole school standards.

Contact and links

8 Berkshire Drive
Cheshire CW12 1SB

Telephone number 07510591226

Email Aj4cks@aol.com