NSEAD Consultant Members Database

NSEAD Consultant Members Database

Ged Gast

Ged Gast

Area of professional expertise

  • Ofsted inspector
  • All aspects of Art and Design – department consultancy, subject improvement, in the context of whole school improvement
  • Effective leadership and management
  • Subject standards and raising achievement
  • Assessment for learning and active learning, assessment and the use of data
  • Health and safety
  • Accommodation, design and specification of studio and workshop spaces, equipment and furniture, resources and
  • Guidance and training in all aspects of art and design, including:
    • sculpture, ceramics and all 3D media,
    • the use of ICT and new media, VLE and mobile devices.
    • drawing, print and 2D media

Biographical statement

Ged was the Babcock 4S Consultant for Creativity working across the curriculum on all aspects of creativity and personalisation in learning. He is a School Improvement Consultant working with high performing schools as well as those who are improving. He manages the work of the Arts team leads on Surrey projects on Diversity in the Curriculum, Assessment for Learning, Personal Learning and Thinking Skills. He contributes to developments in the Arts and Personalisation. He has worked as a Consultant in the setting up of a new Academy and a University Technical College. He also has a background in the implementation of ICT and modelling leading edge innovation in the creative use of ICT to transform learning. He was a contributor to the national strategy subject materials for Assessment for Learning and Leading in Learning materials, project work for QCDA, Arts Council England and other national agencies.. He has worked on the development of new schools, gifted and talented provision, innovation in digital media and e-learning.

Formerly, he was a Director of Hands On CPDA Ltd (Arts Consultancy) and Inspector/Adviser for Art and Design in Berkshire.

Ged is the Immediate Past President of NSEAD.

Contact and links


20 Salcome Drive
Berkshire RG6 7HU


077110 38102