NSEAD Consultant Members Database

NSEAD Consultant Members Database

Marlene Wylie

Marlene Wylie

Area of professional expertise

Support and advice art, craft, design and technology primary and secondary education
Subject development of contemporary schemes of work, progression and rigor, differentiation, assessment for learning AFL, independent learning
Coaching and mentoring for career development and improving practice - middle management
Cross-curricular teaching and learning within the primary creative curriculum
Primary curriculum innovation
Subject specific guidance and training for unqualified, newly qualified staff and learning support assistants
Subject specific support for School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)
Planning and organizing seminars, workshops and conferences on creative 21st century teaching and learning
Facilitate creative workshops for individual target groups within and outside of the formal educational context
Support for artists, craftspeople, designers and educational charities who wish to partner with schools
Development of educational resources

Biographical statement

I have acquired skills, knowledge and experience in my professional work that are diverse and spans across many creative and practical subjects in the curriculum. I engage with a wide range of audiences: children and young people, families, teaching professionals and the creative industry. Over the years my teaching and learning experience has been centred around inner and outer London multicultural primary and secondary schools. In addition I have delivered whole school training to teachers from EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) to Secondary Level in England and abroad in Bulgaria.

I am a Council Board member of NSEAD and also serve on the Curriculum Board within the Society.  I have worked closely with the Design and Technology Association and NAAIDT (National Association of Advisers and Inspectors in Design and Technology) as a Consultant member involving regional subject advisory work, advocacy, support, conference presentation and writing articles.

I joined the secondary teaching and learning consultant team at The Learning Trust in Hackney in 2008 with subject expertise in art, craft, design and technology. My work focussed on providing subject leader support and development, instigating and developing subject leader networks for art, design and technology and which included STEM project delivery across schools in the borough. My work encompassed resource development, coaching, mentoring and initial teacher development. I also developed experience and knowledge of the creative and cross-curricular dimensions of the curriculum and contributed to assessment initiatives developed by QCDA.

As an EXCITE Partner (Excellence, Creativity, Innovation in Teaching and Education) I work nationally to explore the ‘how’ of creativity in schools. This support primarily focuses on creative curriculum development and implementation. I have worked with the Creative Partnerships programmes as a Creative Agent working with schools on developing the personal, learning and thinking skills across the curriculum and I have been involved with delivering, conferences, keynotes and workshops in this area of work.

I have experience of working with partnering organisations which have an interest in connecting with schools and I am committed to developing networking opportunities through ELATE (The East London Art teachers and Educators) network.  I remain committed to classroom teaching and consequently I continue to deliver learning experiences for primary pupils and secondary students alongside my role as consultant.  

Contact and links

Marlene Wylie
230 Wanstead Park Road
Ilford Essex IG1 3TT

Telephone: 07778 444929
Email: info@marlenewylie.co.uk