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Tate Modern
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MA in Artist Teachers and Contemporary Practices
1 year full-time or 3 years part-time

The Artist Teachers and Contemporary Practices MA programme has arisen from a collaboration between Goldsmiths, Tate Modern and the Artist Teacher Scheme. The programme is designed to enable art practitioners to engage practically and theoretically with contemporary studio practice, research and pedagogies, creating work and responding to the changing nature of contemporary art, gallery practices and art education. The integration of art practice, theory and pedagogy defines the unique character of this programme. It is tailored to meet the qualification needs and interests of teachers as part of our continuing professional development aims.

The MA combines elements from art education, art history/theory, studio practice, curatorial practices, Tate Modern gallery studies and contemporary pedagogy. It comprises three main areas:

  • studio practice, comprising practical workshops (including digital workshops), individual art production and staging exhibitions
  • the history and theory of contemporary art and gallery practices, analysing contemporary work from the Tate (and other) collections in terms of visual cultural theory, exhibition and education
  • the study of contemporary art education and pedagogy: this is key to the artist teacher concept, and the relationship between artist and teacher is critically studied through theory and studio practice, analysing the way that studio practice impacts upon teaching.

The structure of the programme, its duration and the contact hours are designed to accommodate professional teachers and educators with substantial commitments and workload. The programme is flexible, part or full-time, characterised by evening, and, for the full-time students, daytime teaching sessions.

The MA is based at the Department of Educational Studies at Goldsmiths, as well as at Tate Modern, Bankside. Experienced art education studio tutors will provide induction, access to workshops and tuition on the studio courses.

As part of the national Arts Council of England and NSEAD Artist Teacher Scheme, the programme incorporates optional summer schools, workshops and support networks. You will normally be attending for a two-hour or three-hour early evening session one day a week during term time, and creating an exhibition during late June and early July. Talks by artists and visits to artists' studios are integral to the programme.

Intermediate exit points You may leave with a Postgraduate Certificate (normally awarded on successful completion of Year One) or a Postgraduate Diploma (normally awarded on successful completion of Year One and Year Two).

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More information on the programme can be found at If you have specific programme queries, please contact Tara Page on 020 7919 7359; or Natalie Cassius on 020 7919 7302, e-mail

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