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Artist Teacher Scheme

OXFORDSHIRE and the South Midlands

Modern Art Oxford
Oxford Brookes University

Develop your subject expertise through examining contemporary practice at Oxford Brookes University and Modern Art Oxford

Course content

An award-bearing professional development that extends your contemporary art practice. The course:

  • is up to date, stimulating and thought-provoking
  • gives you access to the latest research, resources, and local art galleries
  • enables you to explore contemporary art practice
  • caters for your individual training needs and interests
  • recognises your professional context
  • provides an opportunity to develop your own art practice

The Artist Teacher Scheme is the national programme of continuing professional development courses for artist teachers. It is supported by Arts Council England, the Arts Council of Wales and the Scottish Arts Council and managed by the National Society for Education in Art and Design.

Where, when and for how long?

  • Sessions will take place at Oxford Brookes University and Modern Art Oxford.
  • It will involve a programme of occasional whole day intensive sessions with on-line and resource based learning.
  • The programme will last one year part-time.

How do I find out more?

Laura Mills
Course Administrator
T: 01865 488456

Rachel Payne
Programme Leader
01865 488339

What is the detailed structure of the programme?

MODULE 1: Integrating Contemporary Practice into the Classroom
(M level credits: 20)

Introductory workshop: 28-30 August 2012
Two whole day critically reflective feedback sessions: one Saturday in November 2012 and one Saturday in January 2013, specific dates to be confirmed.

An introductory three-day exploratory course, delivered through a series of workshops held at Oxford Brookes University and Modern Art Oxford, linking to the Jenny Saville exhibition, followed by two days to critically evaluate ways to integrate contemporary practice into the classroom.

You will:

  • explore contemporary practice in a gallery setting
  • extend theoretical and practical subject specific skills, knowledge and understanding
  • critically analyse extended contemporary subject knowledge to teaching and learning
  • share ideas, meet and work with new colleagues
  • work with a number of art/education/gallery specialists
  • experiment with and reflect on innovative ways to link extended practical subject knowledge to classroom practice
  • integrate appropriate theory and practice into research
  • present work as a portfolio of evidence with writing/annotation and examples of planning, resources and artworks produced by pupils.

MODULE 2: Developing Personal Artistic Practice
(M level credits: 40)

Three days in February half term plus three further Saturdays between March and July 2013, specific dates to be confirmed. Presentation assessment to take place at the end of August 2013, specific date to be confirmed.

This module enables Artist Teachers to develop their own subject knowledge through a series of workshops and seminars at Oxford Brookes University and Modern Art Oxford by:

  • providing facilities and expertise to develop practical and theoretical subject knowledge
  • providing access to contemporary art exhibitions and practitioners
  • debating contemporary issues related to current art theory and art-education theory
  • developing a body of artwork which extends their own contemporary art practice
  • creating a reflective sketchbook or journal to demonstrate the development of ideas in a critical way
  • producing a body of work which does not need to culminate in a specific outcome
  • presenting ideas and work to a panel

Course fee

The cost of the certificate for 2012-13 will be £575 per module.
Further information is available on request.

How is the programme assessed?

Assessment is 100% by portfolio and coursework.


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