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Implementation of the English new secondary curriculum began with Year 7 from September 2008, followed by Year 8 from September 2009 and then Year 9 from September 2010. The new statutory attainment targets (Levels) will be used for assessment from 2011.

Ten subject associations, including the NSEAD, worked with CfBT Charitable Trust between 2007 and 2010 to provide the official subject specific support for the new secondary curriculum for all maintained schools.

The government contract for the NSEAD to provide the art and design subject specific
support ended on 31st March 2010 together with free professional development opportunities.
However whole day, half day or sessions that might and could form a part of bigger events such as
professional development days or local authority conferences can still be arranged for a reasonable fee.

When contacting the NSEAD to discuss the possibilities it would be helpful to know:
- Is this a request from an individual, department or a network?
- Do you require an overview of the new secondary curriculum?
- A post-briefing follow-up or some other form of support?
- What is your preferred date and time for a meeting?

Please give your name, a contact address and your telephone number.

Click HERE for curriculum support materials developed by the NSEAD.

Click HERE for curriculum support materials developed by QCDA.

April 2010


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