Contact the NSEAD

NSEAD, 3 Masons Wharf, Potley Lane, Corsham, Wiltshire, SN13 9FY

The Society's telephone number is +44(0)1225 810134
and, in the first instance, all enquiries should be to this number, faxed to +44(0)1225 812730
or e-mailed to

The following staff members will be able to assist you on the above numbers:

General Secretary Lesley Butterworth
Assistant General Secretary & AD Editor Sophie Leach
Administration & Finance Anne Ingall
Publications Pat Burnell


Finance & General Purposes Committee

Ged Gast (President 2014-2015)
Susan Coles (Past-President)
Peter Gregory (Vice-President)
Marlene Wylie (Vice-President)
John Childs (Honorary Treasurer)
Lesley Butterworth (General Secretary)

Chairs of Boards

Liz MacFarlane (Curriculum Board)
Peter Gregory (Professional Development Board)
James Hall (Publications Board)


Rachel Payne
Maria Keki
Deborah Hepplestone
Mima Bone
Maryann Flanagan
Norah Jardine
Patricia Brown
Mari Bradbury
Elinor Brass
Ruth Robinson
Emma Thomas
Georgia Naish


Ian Middleton HMI (OFSTED)


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