A Guide to Safe Practice in Art & Design

4.10   Chemicals

All corrosive and toxic chemicals, including many cleaning fluids, adhesives, dyes and inks, must be kept in secure stores under lock and key; quantities in use should be restricted to the minimum necessary. Teachers should be aware of the dangers, including those arising from accidental or intentional inhaling (glue-sniffing). Procedures for disposal and action in the event of an accident must be clearly set out in areas where chemicals are stored or used. It is advisable to arrange for some chemicals to be stored with bulk stock in other departments rather than duplicating storage in each.

Staff should bear in mind the requirements of the COSHH regulations and ensure that the appropriate precautions are put into practice. Care should be taken in selecting appropriate warning notices and safety signs to achieve maximum impact. See COSHH: A brief guide to the regulations at: www.coshh-essentials.org.uk/assets/live/indg136.pdf