A Guide to Safe Practice in Art & Design

5   Accommodation

The preceding sections have covered many significant safety factors in the management and organisation of accommodation, whether specialised or not. The following sections cover physical requirements, such as design and layout of art rooms, storage areas, fixed equipment, fixtures and fittings, services, emergency apparatus, floors and furnishing, and deal with spaces dedicated to specialised use.

General information on accommodation including case studies and exemplar designs in relation to the DfES Building Schools for the Future programme can be found at: www.teachernet.gov.uk/bsf/
Schools for the Future: Designs for Learning Communities (2004) (Building Bulletin 95) can be accessed at: www.teachernet.gov.uk/_doc/3149/bulletin95[1].pdf

The DfES Building Bulletin Art Accommodation in Secondary Schools: a design guide, published in 1998, is only available in hard copy from The Stationery Office.

Two very useful reports on the ideal spaces for creative, and specifically visual arts, in schools galleries and museums have been published by Artworks (The Clore Duffield Foundation):

The Big Sink (2002)
Space for Art (2003)

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