A Guide to Safe Practice in Art & Design

6.7   Computer Projectors

Computer projectors of the type used to show presentations or to illuminate interactive whiteboards are typically able to expose the eye in excess of one of the exposure limits the Health and Safety Executive is guided by for the purpose of enforcing relevant health and safety law. Therefore, although such exposure limits are not statutory, the Health and safety Executive considers the following usage guidance to be good practice in respect of the use of these projectors by employers in the education sector.

Employers should establish work procedures for teachers/lecturers and pupils/students and give instruction on their adoption so that:

  • Staring directly into the projector beam is avoided at all times.
  • Standing facing into the beam is minimized. Users, especially pupils and students, should try to keep their backs to the beam as much as possible.
    In this regard, the use of a stick or laser pointer to avoid the need for the user to enter the beam is recommended.
  • Pupils and students are adequately supervised when they are asked to point out something on the screen

Employers should also try to ensure that projectors are located out of the sight line from the screen to the audience; this ensures that, when presenters look at the audience, they do not also have to stare at the projector lamp. The best way to achieve this is by ceiling mounting rather than floor or table mounting the projector.

In order to minimize the lamp power needed to project a visible presentation, employers should use room blinds to reduce ambient light levels.