ICT in Schools
The following websites contain further information to support the ICT in Schools strategy
ICT in Schools

The following websites contain further information to support the ICT in Schools strategy


The SLICT course information can be accessed at

Funding for ICT

The Standards Fund Guidance can be found at
Further advice on utilising devolved capital funding for ICT purchases can be found at:

Hands on Support (HOS)

A joint DfES, Primary National Strategy, Key Stage 3 Strategy and 14-19 project to provide teachers with an opportunity to share and spread good practice in teaching and learning with ICT. HOS offers individualised, classroom based support for teachers using equipment they are familiar with. It goes beyond basic skills and technology and focuses on pedagogy to support more effective use of ICT in teaching and learning across all subjects and key stages.' - for more information visit
Order your copy for Hands on Support Provider Guidance: 0845 60 222 60 quoting:
Primary (ref. DfES/0417/2004);
Secondary (ref. DfES/0418/2004);
Visit the Hands on Support Diagnostic Tool available on the NCSL website:

Technical Support

Without effective technical support teachers and learners cannot realise the potential of ICT to best effect. The DfES, with Becta, has been working to develop advice and guid-ance for schools - information available from:

Curriculum Online

Curriculum Online is central to the Government's drive to transform teaching and learning in schools by improving access to ICT and multimedia resources for all pupils. To help bring about this aim, the Government has set aside substantial funds in the form of eLCs (electronic learning credits). This eLC money goes straight to your school to spend on multimedia resources. The 'Curriculum-On-Line' Website has recently been re-designed to make it easier to find resources.


The ICT in Schools policy on broadband can be found at:
You may wish to talk to your local Regional Broadband Consortium if you need more information on how to get connected in your region.
Cumbria and Lancashire Online www.cleo.net.uk
East Midlands Broadband Consortium www.embc.org.uk
East of England Broadband Consortium www.e2bn.net
London Grid for Learning www.lgfl.net
Northern Grid for Learning www.northerngrid.org
North West Learning Grid www.nwlg.org
South East Grid for Learning www.segfl.org.uk
South West Grid for Learning www.swgfl.org.uk
West Midlands Net www.wmnet.org.uk
Yorkshire and Humberside Grid for Learning www.yhgfl.net

Interactive Whiteboards

Over the past two years the DfES has been encouraging the use of interactive white-boards in schools. They are providing teachers with an effective teaching aid capable of exciting and engaging children of all ages. To support this the Department has provided LEAs with £25 million in financial year 2003-2004 and an additional £25million for financial year 2004-2005 for interactive whiteboards in primary and secondary schools. For policy information and advice visit:
BECTA advice on whiteboards