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Access Art

An evolving collection of highly visual animated online resources based around artist-led teaching in schools, museums, and galleries. The resources are targeted at different age ranges from four to adult, for use in schools, at home and the wider commu-nity. Subject areas include sculpture, colour, installation art, drawing, photography and visual literacy.


ArtisanCam North is a fully interactive website which aims to raise the profile of contemporary visual artists in schools. This innovative website includes scheduled live watching of artists and craftspeople in their studios, video conferences between schools and artists and fully interactive online workshops. Targeted at KS2 and 3 pupils and their teachers in the North East of England and Cumbria and Lancashire, ArtisanCam North is free at the point of use to all.

African Colours

An honourable, spirited, inspirational, playful, colourful, and funky virtual show case and promotion of African artists, online since July 2000

Art Images for College Teaching

A personal, non-profit project of its author, art historian and visual resources curator Allan T. Kohl. AICT is intended primarily to disseminate images of art and architectural works in the public domain on a free-access, free-use basis to all levels of the educational community, as well as to the public at large. The images displayed on this site have been photographed on location by the author, who consents to their use in any application that is both educational and non-commercial in nature.

Art History resources on the Web

The best site for art history with links to museums and galleries virtual and real around the world

Anim8ed - embedding ICT in Art and Design

A collaborative animation project involving year 8/9 students, animator Rozi Fuller and the Museum of Film and Photography Bradford.

Axis Learning

Axis Learning is the resource for teachers and students of art and design to discover the work of contemporary artists, both locally and nationally.
  • Opens a door to artists and artworks created in the UK
  • A catalyst for further research and discovery
  • Helping to foster collaborations between visual artists and schools
  • Links to further resources, both local and national
Search for artists and their work according to themes, techniques and approaches, and see case studies demonstrating good practice involving artists in schools, as well as live projects on the site.

BBC Blast

BBC website for young people interested in the creative arts. Includes sec-tions on art, film, music and writing. Find out about the work of artists and designers working in the creative industries, ask an expert, contribute to the gal-lery and get help with creative projects. The sit also has lots of links to galleries and careers in art and design. Excellent!

Centre for Fine Print Research

The Centre for Fine Print Research is based at the University West of England in Bristol. It's main focus entails the reappraisal of past history and technique in the light of modern developments in print. The CFPR has a reputation as a centre of excel and industry. Its is committed to the dissemination of its research through education, training, professional practice, collaborative projects, conferences, and the publication of research outcomes. The centre has also undertaken research into artist quality digital output, with a particular emphasis on wide format printing. The website is a fantastic resource for anybody interested in 'print'. It contains links to research, exhibitions, book sites and more....

In a copyright free society, ideas and works become more precious rather than more vulnerable, as many believe. To give people the freedom to copy ideas and works and get inspiration from this process is something that we need to consider seriously. This website facilitates the exchange of ideas by making artworks accessible and authorising the use of its resources by the greatest number of people. encourages the public to make creative use of works of art online multiplying the possibilities of creation.

Crafts on the Web

Photostore is the Crafts Council's new online resource which allows you to search quickly and simply for contemporary British crafts. Photostore Online features over 1,000 selected designers-makers and 50,000 images of their work.To celebrate the launch you can now register for a free 3 month subscription. The online payment system for Photostore subscriptions is still in development and so the free subscription period will be extended until details are completed and fully tested.

Every Object Tells a Story

Produced by the V&A, with Ultralab and Channel 4, and commissioned by Culture Online, Every Object Tells a Story lets you contribute your own objects and stories or read and comment on other people's entries. Objects and stories have also been contributed by the V&A and Tyne & Wear Museums, with more stories to follow soon from Birmingham Mu-seum & Art Gallery and Brighton & Hove Museums.

The Drumcroon Gallery

Contemporary Art Education Gallery based in Wigan. Excellent resources and teacher notes to support the exhibitions which change every term and much more.

Graphic Design

Barbican E-learning website suitable for 14 - 18 year old students of Graphic Design and their teachers. Learn about graphic design and create your own work.

ICT in teaching

For practical help on using ICT in your teaching, visit Learning and Teaching Using ICT - Practical Support Pack, a TeacherNet website which has lesson plans, multimedia re-sources, video case studies and ICT support materials. Written by experts in teaching sub-jects using ICT, and with the support of the Primary and Secondary National Strategies, the support pack has everything needed to teach Art and Design using ICT, from prepara-tion and planning to homework and evaluation.

Initial Teacher Training at the National Gallery

The relationship between the National Gallery and the University of Gloucestershire PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate of Education) Art and Design course has been built over the past five years. In 2003-4 a project was undertaken which involved all of the ITT students and their school-based mentors.

LUX Online

A stimulating free resource for people who want to discover more about British artists' film and video. Already one of the most compre-hensive illustrated resources available, it is an ongoing and growing project, so expect regular updates. A licence to view the streamed video is free, but only available to schools and libraries - you just have to register. The site also includes Learning Tours and a guide to video and film references.

Mark Hardens Artchive

Virtual gallery of classic and contemporary painting, sculpture, as well as art critique, re-views, and links.

Making It Work

Making It Work creates opportunities for the contemporary crafts to be practised, appreciated and understood in education. It does this in a variety of ways, through advocacy, projects and partnerships, and wherever possible by involving professional craftspeople and their work.
For more information:

Open Frequency

Part of Axis Arts and features a monthly selection of artists nominated by Curatorial Advisors - a group of curators, artists and writers from across England, Scotland and Wales. A broad range of artists are represented, from emerging to mid-career artists, and those with a developing international profile.

Sacred Book

Drawing inspiration from the Lindisfarne Gospels Sacred Book has been developed by Stephen Livingstone Head of Art at Spenymoor School County Durham and Sarah Scaife a Freelance Museums and Heritage Consultant working in collaboration with the British Library. The outcome of the project has resulted in the production of a website about using the Lindisfarne Gospels to inspire artwork.
"The website has been designed as a resource to help you create a 'Research Book'. The site suggests ways to make and bind a simple book. There are also projects, approaches and activities to fill your book. The site has four themes - object, time, place, word. Each is connected to one of the four gospel authors. You can download images from this site to use in your own work. You will also find links to other sites and resources if you want to deepen your research." - Stephen Livingstone

The Virtual Artroom

The Virtual Artroom has been developed by Rosmond Milner and is a not-for-profit website that offers free resources for art and design, mainly at Key Stage 3. If you would like to submit materials that you have created or docu-mentation of projects, please email.

Web Museum

One of the best sites for painting on the web. It has an extensive list of artists and themes from the Renaissance to Pop art.