Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience.

The history of graphic design has been shaped by technological advances, from the limitations of black and white letterpress and woodblock illustrations, to the advances of lithographic printing in the late nineteenth century, which enabled designs painted by artists to be reproduced in colour. Continuing through the last century to the proliferation of photomechanical transfer (PMT) methods in the late sixties, to the current predominance of computers at all stages of the design process. showcases the work of illustrators from over 15 countries and serves buyers throughout the world. It receives nearly 10,000,000 hits monthly and is widely recognized as the world's premier illustration Internet site.

Flatliner v2

Flatliner v2 is based in London and has been a practising commercial illustrator for seven years. He creates contemporary images for the advertising and commercial markets.

Capricorn Multimedia

Capricorn Multimedia is a London-based design studio which specialises in multimedia, 3D visualisation & animation, graphics and the Internet.

Resources and Lessons

Resources and Lessons explores Andy Warhol's art and practice and the social and cultural context of his work and makes connections to contemporary themes and students' own experience.

Raymond Loewy (1893 - 1986).

Loewy spent over 50 years streamlining everything from postage stamps to spacecrafts. His more famous creations include the Lucky Strike cigarette package, the slenderized Coca-Cola bottle, the John F. Kennedy memorial postage stamp, the interior of Saturn I, Saturn V, and Skylab, the Greyhound bus and logo, the Shell International logo, the Exxon logo, the U.S. Postal Service emblem, and others.

Aubrey Beardsley

British Art Nouveau illustrator and graphic designer.

Colour and Design

The site gives useful information with illustrations on how colour affects mind, body, vision, Design and Art, Science, global issues and computers, even recent lawsuits over copyright to hues (Who Owns Hues?) - plus an interactive global colour survey.

2D Design Notes

Online design course from Palomar College, California. It covers basics, painting and colour, the design process, principles and elements of design with practical projects for each section and examples.

The Artists Toolkit

This is an interactive artists toolkit for pupils to find out about line, colour, movement, scale, balance, colour, perspective and shape through online activities.