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Embedding ICT in subject teaching Art and Design

ICTAC report (PDF document)
ICTAC support pack (Word document)

The ICT across the curriculum (ICTAC) pack is a set of materials designed to pro-mote the use of ICT across all subjects in schools. It builds on the work of the Key Stage 3 National Strategy ICT strand and the ICT capability that pupils are bringing to their subject lessons from their ICT lessons. It also considers the value that ICT can add to teaching and learning in subjects and the need for a whole-school approach to develop coherent and effective practice across the curriculum.

The ICTAC pack can also be downloaded from:

What is ICTAC? (Word doc) - A summary document that provides an overview of the ICTAC pack for Art and Design.

"Harnessing Technology: Transforming learning and children's services"

Summary version
Full report (PDF documents)

Published in March 2005 this strategy describes the use of digital and interactive technologies to achieve a more personalised approach within all areas of education and children's services. It is an ambitious strategy covering all sectors for the next five years and beyond.

It is designed to harness technology to the needs of children, learners, parents, teachers, carers, employers and all our stakeholders. We are only able to do this if we are clear about what we want as well what we need, and how by using ICT this will be achieved.

The e-Strategy also has the following six priorities:
  • an integrated online information service for all citizens
  • integrated online personal support for children and learners
  • a collaborative approach to transforming teaching and learning
  • a good quality training and support package for practitioners
  • a leadership and development package for organisational capability in ICT
  • a common digital infrastructure to support transformation and reform
These are underpinned by a number of system wide and sector specific actions applying to the schools, 14-19 and lifelong learning, HE and Children's services sectors.
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Using Interactive Whiteboards in Art and Design

Download (Word doc)

This document provides an overview of the value of using Interactive Whiteboards in edu-cation and outlines a number of ways in which they can be used to support teaching and learning in Art and Design.
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