Inspire Me - Maps and Journeys
Inspire Me - Maps and Journeys


This work was undertaken during the Greewich Gifted and Talented Art and Design Summer School which took place between the 25th July and the 5th of August 2005 at Greenwich University Avery Hill Campus.

This years theme 'Maps and Journeys' involved 26 pupils from years 5-7 from different schools in Greenwich exploring a range of ideas and feelings using constructed/surface textile design and ICT.


To develop individual/group responses to the theme based on personal ideas to create a fashion item, construction incorporating digital imagery leading to the design of a multimedia event for an invited audience.

The Theme - Maps and Journeys

An an introductory activity the pupils worked in groups using newspaper and tape to create costumes based on the idea of body maps. This was followed by a brainstorming activity about 'Maps and Journeys.' Pupils were encouraged to consider their own journeys that might document a particular part of their life or a journey to school and how this could be represented in a visual way using maps of the local area with certain parts highlighted. Their ideas were further supplemented by a visit to Greenwich Maritime Museum where they had the opportunity to find out more about seafaring maps and the history of Greenwich as a trading port.

Developing Ideas

Pupils began to explore their initial ideas in their sketchbooks and developed them through a series of introductory workshops in textiles and ICT. They continued to research the theme through access to information on the internet and through their personal collections of information about themselves and their family histories and location recorded in their sketchbooks.


The textile workshops introduced pupils to a range of textile processes including batik, weaving with found materials, layering using silk fibre and silk painting. Pupils were encouraged to be experimental with the materials and to bear in mind how they might use them as part of their costume.


Using Photoshop pupils layered images of contemporary and historical maps with some of their textile samples and made printouts on paper to be incorporated in to their textile pieces and constructions. Some of the images were printed on to transfer paper to be ironed on to fabric whilst others were cut, laminated and joined using string to make body panels. Throughout the course computers were used as a tool to develop ideas and to create layers of imagery and variations on a theme to enhance their individual ideas.


The Summer School gave the pupils the opportunity to work with artists and to engage in sustained activity. The use of ICT enabled them to develop creative ideas quickly to create personal response some working on the idea of body maps others on personal maps that combined images of themselves and family along with maps of their local area past and present. The ability to layer images within the software allowed the pupils to emphasise and transform elements of their designs in ways that would have been more difficult using traditional media

The final presentation to an invited audience of parents, friends members of the Greenwich Gifted and Talented team consisted of a catwalk display of their costumes, a slideshow of digital images created throughout the project and a wall display of project work.

The event was a celebration for all involved and a fitting end to two weeks exciting and challenging art activity.

Artists - Jenni Hughes, Debbie Brown, Kevin Mathieson

LEA Support - Charlie Salter Adviser for Art and Design

Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator - Elisabeth Peasley

National Curriculum Links

Art and design at key stages 1 and 2 (Year 5/6)
Unit 6B: What a performance

Art and design at key stage 3
Unit 9A: Life events


How Gifted and Talented Pupils worked with artists used ICT and textiles to create fashion items for a catwalk display.