Lathom Primary School Olympic Links project
Project developed by Andrew Mutter at Lathom Primary School Newham The presentation speaks for itself and shows pupils interpretations of the posters used to promote the back the bid campaign for the 2012 olympics.
Powerpoint presentation. (7 MB - large download if not on broadband.)

Mythical Creatures: a Cross Curricular Art and ICT Project
In this project children in year 3 and year 5 design their own mythical creatures and place them in the local environment to create dramatic surrealistic images.

On Air
On Air springs from the BBC's collaboration with All Souls Primary School London and artists from arts group Cloth of Gold. Children in Year 5 (9-10 years) were asked to explore how broadcasting has changed since BBC Broadcasting House opened its doors in 1932, and to think about what broadcasting means to them now in their world and their times. Pupils conjured up their reactions in a range of visual collages manipulated on a computer.