Continuing Professional Development
Continuing Professional Development 2005-2006

Between December 2005 and July 2006 NSEAD ran 14 CPD hands-on events in different Local Authorities around the country to support the ways in which ICT can be used to support teaching and learning in art and design. The projects were funded by the DFES through BECTa.

These hands-on events built on the success of the Embedding ICT in Art and Design initiative September 2004 - August 2005.

Art and ICT Advocacy

The appropriate use of new electronic media, by both teachers and learners, contributes significantly to art and design education and enriches learning. It provides a means for teachers to develop their professionalism, through documenting, assessing, researching and sharing their developments with other colleagues.

In particular, the use of ICT in Art and Design provides opportunities for learners to:
  • access to works of art and trans-cultural artefacts, on a global scale, past and present, through visiting virtual galleries on the Internet;
  • provide a new range of opportunities to develop their own ideas in an experimental way and take creative risks;
  • discover their creative potential by engaging in different kinds of activities;
  • review, refine and modify two- and three-dimensional work in progress;
  • work with others (peers/teachers/experts etc) to develop their ideas;
  • share their ideas (and promote the school) with a wide audience of peers, colleagues, parents and prospective parents.
  • develop work across subject areas

    Extract from 'Art and ICT Advocacy Statement' NSEAD November 2004

Course Aims

  • To provide the opportunity for hands on experience using ICT processes creatively in art and design
  • To experience first hand some of the ways in which artists and teachers are using New Media Technologies to re-source and develop creative ideas
  • To link people with little or no experience of using ICT in Art and Design with teacher innovators both locally and nationally
The courses were co-ordianted by Kevin Mathieson working in collaboration with local art advisers supported by teacher practitioners or AST's and a digital artist.

The main focus of each course was to give teachers the opportunity to develop confidence in using digital media and transfer processes alongside more traditional techniques. The courses also provided delegates with the opportunity to exhibit their work in a real or virtual space. The practical workshops were supported by presentations and discussion on ways of working with ICT. All delegates were given a resource disc which included a number of case studies and information about the use of ICT in Art and Design much of which is available on this website.

You can view a selection of work from the courses at:

Drumcroon December 2005

Course Theme - 25 Years Principles and Practice -artist Paul Clifford

Drumcroon Co-ordinator Anne-Marie Quinn

The focus of the two days' inset was to make a response to the diverse range of artist works in the Drumcroon '25 Years Principles and Practice Exhibition'. Course delegates visited the exhibition as a starting point for their work and used sketchbooks and digital cameras to collect information and resources that would be developed using ICT tools and processes.

The delegates were challenged to develop individual responses to the exhibition and also contribute to a group installation which would be displayed at Drumcroon. In preparation for the course delegates were asked to bring a collection of their own personal images and or statements that reflected their personal connection to Drumcroon.

Working with artist Paul Clifford each delegate was given a box on which they would make their response. After introducing his own work Paul led a workshop session using Photoshop to layer images and combine them with text. Delegates scanned drawings made in the gallery and downloaded digital images as source material working to create a series of images to layer on to the box. Each delegate was then asked to choose one of their images that would be printed on 'Lazertran' a water slide decal paper that was applied to the lid of the box.

The finished boxes were displayed at Drumcroon as part of the 25 Year exhibition.


Tiverton High School Devon

course Theme - Textiles /ICT and Electronic Portfolios

Tony Minion Cloth of Gold

School Co-ordinator Alistar Fitchett

The focus of the two days inset was an exploration of different textile processes and the ways in which digital technolo-gies have opened opportunities for transferring images on to fabric using a range of transfer and digital printing proc-esses. Working on the theme 'The Earth from the Air' delegates developed their ideas using ICT alongside traditional processes and created a series of images on the theme. Delegates were then introduced to the electronic portfolio work being developed at Tiverton School using the 'Flickr' website.

Powerpoint presentation (5MB)

Manchester St Matthews City Learning Centre

19th & 20th January 2006

Course theme - The Universal Themes - artist Keith Brown

Delegates were introduced to a range of art and ICT processes and went on to choose one of the 'Universal Themes' as the starting point for their work. Using the internet, scanners and digital cameras delegates researched their idea com-bining images on screen and then used printouts to create collages or three dimensional constructions which were photographed for further work on screen. In small groups delegates worked with Keith Brown using 3D modelling software to explore some of the processes that Keith uses in his work. Delegates were able to import their collaged images on to to 3D models which enabled them to see the potential of using this kind of software in the classroom.


Images from Drumcroon:

Images from Tiverton:

Images from Manchester: