Initial Teacher Training - Trainers Pack and Programme


The ITT Pack and Programme consists of National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD) and Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) web pages for art and design initial teacher trainers. This section of the NSEAD web site was developed by a cohort of art and design educators, under the aegis of NSEAD and TDA, who have a wide variety of interests in the field of art and design education and represent all regions in the United Kingdom. The pages are intended for those new to initial teacher training (ITT) in art and design although there are aspects of the information contained in the pages that will be of interest to trainees.


This section has information about Teaching & Learning (pedagogy and curriculum)and Teacher Training Programmes (programmes and structures, partnerships and assessment).



This section includes consideration of the philosophical dimension of art and design in primary education, key concepts, content and processes, organisation and management, sources of support, cross-curricular connections, new media and assessment.




The purpose of this section of the web site is to offer a series of links to web sites and pages that will be of interest to those engaged in, or about to engage in, research in art, craft and design education. In this section research is taken to include development work (e.g. small scale teacher initiated, following an action research model which is intended to develop pedagogy).