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Getting Published

Academic publishing is a competitive field, the few top quality journals devoted to art education receive many more manuscripts than could possibly be published. For many journals only around 10 percent of the papers submitted eventually reach publication.

Nevertheless, there is increasing pressure, not only to engage in research but also to publish the reports that result from research activity. Submitting papers to journals, the reviewing process, editorial policy and author guidelines all play a part in contributing to a successful and well respected academic journal, but the whole procedure can seem like an alien world to the first time contributor. The publication process is a lengthy one, authors can expect to wait anything between six months and two years from submission to final publication.

The links on this page give some background and insight to the publishing process.

Internet Resources on publishing studies (URL:

  • Author Guidelines (example - iJADE) (URL:
  • The peer review process Although each publisher has its own process for peer review of manuscripts submitted for publication, the following depicts the basic process. The manuscript is submitted to the publisher. An editor selects individuals to review the manuscript. Ad hoc reviewers are often contacted in advance to confirm their willingness to conduct a review. A copy of the manuscript, along with instructions and sometimes review forms, are sent to each reviewer. (URL:
  • Editorial policy
  • Writing for academic journals