At the time of writing, the manifestos of five political parties and their education proposals are listed or linked to below.

The Labour Party
The Labour Party is proposing a National Education Service.

The service will incorporate all forms of education, from early years through to adult education.


The Conservative Party
The Conservative Party have ‘variations’ on their Manifesto today, but are proposing the following for education. The £4billion is not ‘new’ money.

A ban on new selective schools will be lifted with provision put in place to ensure pupils can join at other ages as well as 11.

To build at least a hundred new free schools a year with councils banned from creating new places at schools rated inadequate or requires improvement.

Plans for a national funding formula will be changed to ensure no school loses out.

The overall schools budget will increase by £4 billion by 2022 with free school meals for all infants to be scrapped and replaced with free breakfasts.

The Green Party
The Green Party have committed to abolishing SATS and concluding the academy programme.


Plaid Cymru
Are proposing to:

Provide free full-time nursery places for all three year olds.

Raise education standards by pledging to pay teachers a more competitive salary.

Improve teachers' training to allow them to reach higher qualifications and perform better.

Provide an incentive for students who remain or return to live and work in Wales after graduating.

Guarantee employment, education or training for any person under-25 looking for work.

Set up a network of specialist National Colleges of Vocational Education, for 14+ and post-compulsory.

Increase the availability of Welsh language education from nursery, to FE and HE right through to adult learning.

The Liberal Democrats
The Liberal Democrats are proposing: To invest nearly £7bn extra in education.

Scrap the planned expansion of grammar schools.

Reinstate university maintenance grants for the poorest students.

Extend free childcare to all two-year-olds and introduce an additional month's paid paternity leave for dads.

A Manifesto for Art, Craft and Design Education

Within the context of art, craft and design education the value, depth and breadth of the subject is challenged, by the consequences of government policies, in both formal and informal education.
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Art Education Research Institute, 2nd Annual Symposium: October 19-21, 2017 Call for proposals, 1 June 2017

The Art Education Research Institute (AERI) is an autonomous, virtual institute comprised of higher educators who are actively involved in the production of research and scholarship in visual arts education.
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New interactive online resource aims to boost student sketchbook achievement is a new digital resource from Oxford University Museums to support art and design students develop their sketchbook based research skills.
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NSEAD Manifesto for Art, Craft and Design Education 2017

During 2013, in preparation for the General Election 2014, the Society consulted with its members and produced the NSEAD Manifesto for Art, Craft and Design Education.
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