The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Craft and Design in Education, 3 May 2016

Meetings of The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Craft and Design in Education (APPG) are opportunities for the Society to initiate and invite other agencies and organisations to share and debate issues concerning art, craft and design education with the highest level of opinion formers and policy makers. Our last meeting, 3 May 2016 was no exception.

Attended by MPs and peers, NSEAD members, artists and makers, and a wide range of supporters and organisations, this meeting was also an opportunity for differing schools to share what is achieved in and through art and design, within three differing and sometimes challenging contexts. Paula Briggs co-founder of AccessArt also presented on their Manifesto for Making and Kate Mason, Director of the Big Draw shared this year’s Big Draw theme The STEAM powered Big Draw Festival. The Society provided an update on responses to The NSEAD Survey Report 2015-16 and our responses to the Education White Paper and The Cultural White Paper.

Kenton School, Newcastle, was represented by Sarah Holmes Carne, Principal and Siobhan Verrall, Head of Art and Design. Their talk shared how Kenton School is able to offer a broad and balanced curriculum that includes art and design as a core subject across key stages 3-4. Over a 1000 students will be studying art and design at key stage 4 next year. The school supports the Warwick Commission Report Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth which insists: arts education should be an entitlement for all children.

An excellent performance by students and one ex-student from Derby High School, Bury, communicated the importance of both science and arts disciplines, the value of learning and the value of having individual choice. Lynn Provoost Assistant Head Teacher, and Damion Langford, Head of Communications and Careers, described their school’s ethos and its specialism in both arts and science. The Derby High School film can be viewed here.

From Gomersal Primary School, Melanie Cox, Head Teacher and Mandy Barrett, Specialist Teacher for Art and Design, shared how their curriculum is able to offer access to specialist art and design teaching, spaces and equipment. The school provides this by sharing and building on the expertise of its pupils and staff.

On behalf of NSEAD Sophie Leach, Assistant General Secretary, provided an update on responses to The NSEAD Survey Report 2015-16. The presentation can be viewed here The Society continues to welcome your views on the Report’s findings and seeks to learn how and if any of its recommendations can or will be implemented. Your feedback or ideas are valued so please contact NSEAD if the Report has impacted in any way on your own work or place of work. We also shared our evidenced based responses to both The Education White Paper Educational Excellence Everywhere and to The Cultural White Paper.

Sharon Hodgson MP will be sharing NSEAD’s APPG presentation with Nic Dakin, Shadow Schools Minister, and Lucy Powell, Shadow Secretary of State for Education. The presentation will form part of our briefing for the 4 July House of Commons debate on the Exclusion of Expressive Arts from the EBacc.

Please continue to encourage your MPs to attend our APPGs, to attend the 4 July EBacc debate and to share with us, if and how the NSEAD survey report and its recommendations have impacted on you or your place of work.

We also wish to thank Susan Coles for her continued and excellent co-ordination of these meetings, Sharon Hodgson MP for her chairing of APPG meetings and vice chairs The Earl Clancarty, Baroness Nye and Baroness Jones for their continued support.

APPG presentations can be viewed here.

New research shows an overall decline in art, craft and design qualification completions

New research by NSEAD indicates there has been an overall decline in art, craft and design qualification completions in the last five years. The research combines completion numbers published by Ofqual and JQC, for level 2 and 3 Art and Design GCSE/GCEs and Craft, Creative Arts and Design vocational qualifications (England, Northern Ireland and Wales). The combined completion numbers for art, craft and design have significantly decreased.
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Reducing Teachers’ Workload; a Response from the Review Groups

Alongside other teaching unions the Society welcomes the three reports generated by the Review Groups responding to the Workload Challenge. With continued and appropriate government action these reports could and should lead to a realistic reduction in workload. The Society welcomes comment from its members especially with regard to the workload of art and design teachers, and if you are able to share examples of effective practices within these contexts this would be especially welcomed.
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Crafts Council, Make Your Future Project Manager Vacancy

Islington, London
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NSEAD initial response to The Culture White Paper March 2016

The Society has made an initial response to The Culture White Paper and will follow up with a letter to Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy.
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