The One to One Tuition Programme – register now!

The government-funded One to One Tuition Programme has been officially launched! This programme aims to help children gain more confidence and understanding in English and maths, and we are recruiting teachers to become tutors now.

A recent survey, part of the Making Good Progress pilot evaluation, found that 86% of Headteachers believe one-to-one tuition has contributed to increased rates of progression in their school.

The One to One Tuition Programme is designed to help the children who need it the most. The tutor works with the pupil’s teacher to identify the child’s academic barriers in English and maths, then provides ten hours of individualised tuition, addressing these barriers.

This programme will be available for Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 pupils and a degree in maths or English is not essential - art and design teachers are welcome to apply.

One to One Tuition is a highly flexible programme, as tutors decide when and where to tutor as well as how many pupils to take on at a time. Furthermore tutors will get a typical pay rate of £25/hr for ten hours tuition plus up to 2 hours planning/liaison time with the pupil’s teacher.

The One to One Tuition Programme is open to newly qualified, current, former or retired teachers.

To make one-to-one tuition happen, we’re looking for up to 100,000 qualified teachers to register their interest in becoming a one-to-one tutor - over 27,500 have registered to date.

For more information or to register your interest in becoming a one-to-one tutor please visit our website at: or call 0845 605 5002.

29 Sep 2009