Council elections and appointment to NSEAD Boards

The results of the call for nominations for members to serve on the newly constituted Council and Boards of Council with effect from 1st January 2010 are as follows.

President of the Society
Following the deadline for nominations on 30th September two valid nominations were received for the President of the Society – Susan Ogier Horwood and Andrew Mutter. The Electoral Reform Society has been instructed to organise a ballot of members and voting papers will distributed on 21st October with 12 noon on 2nd December the deadline for receipt of ballot papers.

There were originally six vacancies for members to serve on Council but following the recent resignation, for personal reasons, of Julie Harbottle this rose to seven vacancies. Properly seconded nominations were received for the following seven members and consequently these are all elected to Council unopposed: Susan Coles (Consultant), Sophie Hadaway (Advisory Teacher, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire), Norah Jardine (St Andrew’s & St Bride’s HS, East Kilbride), Patricia McKenna (John Ogilvie High School, Hamilton), Adrian Montana (Ashcombe School, Surrey), Oliver Nicholson (Consultant) and Marlene Wylie (Teaching and Learning Consultant, LB Hackney).

The following members of the present Council who are due to retire in December 2012 will join the new Council: John Childs, Maria Keki, Phil Creek, Carolyn Davies, Ged Gast, Sylvia Reitzema, Colin Aldred, John Steers. They will also be joined in January by the newly elected President-Elect and the elected chair of each of the three Boards of Council making a total of nineteen. This is one short of the required number of twenty so it is proposed that one additional member of the existing Executive Committee should be co-opted to fill the vacancy and to help ensure continuity.

Curriculum Board
As newly constituted there should be sixteen appointed members of the Board including representatives of primary, secondary, FE/HE, NQTs and CfSi ¬. The President or nominee of the President and the General Secretary will serve as ex-officio members of the Board. By lucky coincidence there were 16 applications for 16 places. All phases of education are covered except NQT and this may be filled after the new board convenes by co-option. Those appointed are: Alexandra Ashton (University of Cumbria), Bev Atwell (Rotherham MBC), Peter Carr (Birmingham City University), Camilla Campbell (Lancaster Girls’ GS), Michael Davies (CCEA), Ged Gast (Consultant VT PLC), Judy Grahame (Consultant), Greg Hodgson (Chalfonts Community College), Anthony Jackson (Lead Practitioner SSAT), Mirko Junkovic (6th Form College, Cambridge), Iain Macdonald (Ravensborne College of Design), Kevin Mathieson (Consultant), Carla Mindel (University of Greenwich), Anne-Marie Quinn (Drumcroon Gallery, Wigan), Charlie Salter (Consultant), Marlene Wylie (Teaching and Learning Consultant, LB Hackney).

Professional Development Board
As newly constituted there should be fifteen members appointed by the Council and the President or nominee of the President, the General Secretary and the Assistant General Secretary with principal responsibility for professional development – eighteen in total. The Board will include representatives of the primary sector and secondary sectors, FE/HE, ITE, NQTs and the CfSI. There were sixteen applicants for fifteen places but Council has the discretion to appoint up to three more. Consequently the following members have been appointed: Katy Bevan (Learning Manager, Crafts Council), John Bowden (Joint-NSL, NSEAD), Sophie Cole (University of Northumbria), Susan Coles (Consultant), Caroline Corker (St Mary’s University College), Louise Gill (Consultant), Peter Gregory (University of Greenwich), Rod Hepworth (AST, Lancashire CC), Penny Jones (engage), Pauline Nahapiet (Consultant), Terry Parker (Liverpool John Moore’s University), Susan Ogier (Roehampton University), Diarmuid McAuliffe (University of West of Scotland), Catherine McGill (Advisory Teacher, LB Newham), Amanda Richards (Eltham College), and Ruth Thompson (NQT).

Publications Board
Council has already appointed an editorial team of four for iJADE in addition to the nominated members led by the new Principal Editor of iJADE, Dr Jeff Adams (Edgehill University), Sandra Hiett (Liverpool John Moore’s University), Clare Penketh (Edgehill University) and Gabriella Torstensson (Liverpool John Moore’s University).

The Board also will include ex officio the editors of the NSEAD web site (Sophie Leach), A’N’D (John Bowden), and START Magazine (Michele Kitto).

The full membership of the Publications Board will be as follows: Susan Cox (University of East Anglia), Nicola Currie (Droitwich Spa HS), James Hall (Roehampton University), Hannah Hames (Newman University College), Wendy Hyde (Birkenhead 6th Form College), Emma Letheren (Bridgewater High School), Adrian Montana (Ashcombe School), Tara Page (Goldsmiths), Deborah Riding (Tate Liverpool), Mervyn Romans (Birmingham City University), Madeleine Sclater (Edgehill University), Nick Stanley (British Museum), and Robert Watts (Roehampton University. They will be joined by the President and General Secretary.

John Steers
General Secretary

Friday, 09 October 2009

09 Oct 2009