SQA publish Assessment Overviews

Assessment overviews have now been published on the SQA website for every Course from National 2 to National 5. The assessment overviews describe the Course and Unit assessment support
materials that are produced for practitioners in session 2012/13 by subject and level.

Please follow this link to find the specific art and design course and level.

In response to practitioner requests for these materials as early as possible, the Scottish Government has provided additional funding to SQA. This has allowed SQA to bring forward the publication of these materials.

The first package of Unit assessment support will be available in October 2012 (as opposed to the original February milestone) and further packages will follow in February and April 2013.

Each package of Unit assessment will aim to provide practitioners with materials that cover the requirements of the Course. It will also provide information on how to gather evidence and make assessment judgments. The materials will be ready to use, but centres will be free to develop their own assessment packages. The Unit assessment support will be published in a secure, electronic format.

The specimen question papers will be published on our website by end of February 2013. All specimen Coursework will be available by 30 April 2013 in a phased release on our website.

Course and Unit assessment support for Highers will be available by the end of April 2014.

Use the subject drop-down menu at to find the assessment overviews for any subject.

27 Jun 2012