Young People's Cultural Journeys, a new report published by Arts Connect

Arts Connect have published research which aims to provide the cultural sector with actionable data and intelligence with which to increase the level of engagement and the quality of cultural experience for digitally native young people in the West Midlands.

The research aims to provoke arts and cultural organisations into challenging their existing programming and engagement strategies, to provide young people with the most meaningful and highest quality arts and cultural engagement.

• Understanding of the decision influencers and decision-making processes and key trigger points for engagement in culture, including the influence of families, schools, arts and cultural organisations and any significant others.

• The perceptions of, attitudes towards and motivations for engaging in culture and the barriers to engagement and how these might be overcome.

• The impact of rapidly evolving digital technologies in how and why young people engage in culture.

• Implications for the cultural and education sectors.

The research was undertaken in 11 different wards across the West Midlands, selected to reflect the diversity of the population in terms of socio-economic classification, ethnicity and urban / rural locations.

Read the full report and executive summary here.

Arts Connect’s aim is that all children and young people in the West Midlands can access and enjoy a rich and meaningful arts and cultural life.

06 Jul 2018