InSEA Elections for 2019-2021

InSEA Nominating Committee have announced the results of the InSEA elections for 2019-2021.

President: Glen Coutts, elected non-opposed

Vice-Presidents: Samia Elsheik; Steve Willis

Africa and Middle EAST: Christiana D Afrikaner; Sirine Abdelhedi; Sahar Khalil

Latin America:Fernando Miranda; Mirian Celeste; Mario Mogrovejo Dominguez.

North America: Allan Richards; Jonathan Silverman; Amanda Alexander

European World Councillors: Mira Kallio-Tavin; Gabriella Pataky; Susan Coles

SEAP Kathryn Coleman; Kim Snepvangers; Robert Hayden elected non opposed:

Asia Hyungsook Kim ; Yungshan Hung; Maho Sato; Japan elected non opposed:

The newly elected Council formally takes office at the end of the WorldCongress in Vancouver, 9-13 July 2019.

02 Dec 2018