The DfE launch a teacher recruitment and retention strategy

The NSEAD are keen to ensure that teachers are supported during their initial teacher education and early career. We are in discussion with the DfE about the lack of ITE bursaries for art and design teachers. So, we are looking forward to learning more details on the Early Career Framework (ECF) and recruitment and retention strategy, just published.

The ECF will be available to 50,000 NQTs in their first two years of practice from September 2021 (preceded by a trail in the North East from September 2020). It will be supported by £130m of public funds which will be used to: fund 5 per cent non-contact time for year 2 NQTs; produce free curricula and training materials; fund ECF training programmes; funding time for mentors to support NQTs; and provide mentor training. The ECF itself is grouped under each of the teacher standards, and identifies what NQTs should learn and what they should learn to do.

The NSEAD is hopeful that these resources will be available to NQTs teaching in all subjects, including art and design. We will continue to make it clear that recruitment and retention of art and design teachers is an issue that the DfE need to take seriously.

Read the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy here

29 Jan 2019