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All Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Craft and Design Education update

NSEAD members should note that we are in the process of re-convening the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Art, Craft and Design Education (APPG). There are protocols and regulations which we are asked to follow when forming the group which is, in effect, a parliamentary debate and discussion forum. The first AGM will be on Wednesday 1 July 2015. This will be a swift meeting in order to elect officers. Once that is done, then an application will be submitted for the formation of the APPG. Sophie Leach will be there to represent NSEAD. Sharon Hodgson MP has agreed to stand as chair and Earl Clancarty has agreed to stand as vice chair. There may be a second vice chair.

The following have also agreed to be part of this APPG: Lord Cormack, Baroness Kidron, Lady Hooper, Lady McIntosh of Hudnall, Baroness Jones, Baroness Nye, Tulip Siddiq MP(tbc). We have written to and emailed hundreds of MPs, but their return to Parliament is busy and many have been involved in learning their new roles, and in standing for chairs and membership of select committees. Also, members of the APPG who are ministers are unable to be elected. Once the APPG is formed, you can still lobby your MP to join or to attend meetings.

Huge thanks go to Lesle Butterworth, Rachel Payne and Patricia Lovett, who have been my constant support in trying to reform this group. And, the support of both Sharon Hodgson (and her team) and the Earl Clancarty has been essential and very appreciated.

We hope to have our first meeting in September and will create a section online where you can read agendas and minutes. Any NSEAD members who are interested can attend a meeting.

Susan Coles