Tate Research Centre: Learning - information and call for submissions 31 Aug 2014
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Gove announces independent review of initial teacher training courses 2 May 2014
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Tate Research Centre: Learning - information and call for submissions

The Tate gallery is to launch the Tate Research Centre: Learning (TRC: Learning) in October 2014. The centre aims to be a co-curated and conversational platform to share research and support the development of best practice across the field of gallery education and learning.

Emily Pringle, head of learning practice and research says: 'We envisage the Centre as a space for dialogue and debate where ideas and knowledge can be shared and developed and consequently the Centre sees value in openness and risk and has creative practices at its heart.

In addition to providing details of specific learning research projects happening at Tate, the TRC: Learning has two core areas of content: firstly Working Papers of around 3-5000 words Secondly we have section dedicated to displaying the steps undertaken in research projects called Research in Progress Alongside this is an open resource section which houses key texts that have influenced both the staff in the Tate Learning department as well as contributors to the centre. We are actively seeking contributions to the Centre and have quarterly submission deadlines for new content at the end of September, December, March and June.

if you or anyone else is interested in contributing or working collaboratively both myself and Paul Stewart, Learning research Assistant ( are happy to answer any of your questions.'

Details of the TRC: Learning can be found here: