Keith Brymer Jones becomes NSEAD patron 7 Feb 2019
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The DfE launch a teacher recruitment and retention strategy 29 Jan 2019
iJADE Conference 2019, update 29 Jan 2019
John Steers is voted a Distinguished Fellow of NAEA 28 Jan 2019
The Cultural Inclusion Manifesto reaches 100 signatories 23 Jan 2019
Bursaries and the Ebacc - art and design education debated in the House of Lords 17 Jan 2019
A new report shows a continued decline in the provision of arts education in primary schools 14 Jan 2019
A new report published by a centre-right think recommends cutting places on university creative arts and design courses 9 Jan 2019
Michele Gregson, takes up post as the general secretary of NSEAD 2 Jan 2019
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Keith Brymer Jones becomes NSEAD patron

We are delighted to announce Keith Brymer Jones is now a patron of NSEAD

Keith is a passionate advocate for art, craft and design education – he believes that everyone should have the opportunity to make and create. An expert ceramicist and lead designer at Make International he is a fantastic role model for aspiring potters and makers everywhere. Keith is very keen to work with NSEAD to reach out to art, craft and design teachers, lecturers and educators, pupils and their families, across the UK and beyond, to help us champion and lobby for the importance of the subject.

We look forward to working with Keith, who says:

‘NSEAD is an amazing organisation. They support art teachers in their work all around the country. They give advice, and opportunities to learn different ways of teaching… NSEAD are important.

‘The creative arts generate a huge amount of money for this country. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t make a living out of being an artist or working in the arts. Because it is wrong, there are so many things that you can do.

Join me, join NSEAD to help champion and protect our subject.'