A strategy for primary schools.

This document sets out the vision for the future of primary education built on what has already achieved. (NACCCE Report, All Our Futures ...www.dfes.gov.uk/naccce/ )

The vision is for a sector where high standards are obtained through a rich, varied and exciting curriculum which develops children in a holistic way.

High standards and a broad curriculum go hand in hand. Literacy and numeracy are vital building blocks, and it is right to focus attention on them. It is important that children have a stimulating and all embracing experience at primary school, through learning in a wide range of ways. The new Primary Strategy will support teachers and schools across the whole curriculum, in conjunction with the Literacy and Numeracy Frameworks to offer teachers more control and flexibility.


This will focus on building teachers’ professionalism and capacity to improve and develop their teaching skills.
Excellence and enjoyment: A strategy for primary schools (WORD 155Kb)
Excellence and enjoyment: A strategy for primary schools (PDF 1.2Mb)