Incorporate an art project about animals into work on the Environment or use a story, myth or legend through your Literacy topics to initiate further ideas.

QCA Schemes

Art and Design
Unit 1C What is sculpture. What is sculpture?
Unit 2B Mother Nature, de. Mother Nature, designer
Unit 3B. Investigating pattern
Unit 6B. What a performance
Unit 6C. A sense of place

Unit 2C: Variation

Unit 03: Animals and us
Unit 05. Living in a diverse world

D and T
Unit 2B. Puppets
Unit 3C. Moving monsters
Unit 5C. Moving toys

Unit 9: Animal magic - Exploring descriptive sounds

Unit 11. Water
Unit 14. Investigating rivers
Unit 15. The mountain environment
Unit 16. What’s in the news?

Unit RC. Who was Noah?
Unit 3A. What do signs and symbols mean in religion?
Unit 4A. How and why do Hindus worship at home and in the mandir?

NSEAD Units of Work

Cats and camouflage
Evans, markings, pattern, camouflage, colour, colour, colour mixing, colour mixing, cats, animals, mark

Creature skin design boards
Hughes, pattern, texture, colour, design, animals, repeat, Morris, reptiles, skin, animals, photocopier, computer

Jungles, drawing and imagination
Meager, jungle, rainforest, drawing, imagination, shape, house plants, leaves, leaf, animals, Rousseau

Making a paper collage
Meager, collage, glue, jungle, rainforest, paper, pastels, plants, leaf, leaves, animals, tropical, Disney

Relief tiles
Hughes, clay, relief, tiles, texture, animals, decoration, Pre-Raphaelite, Morris, Persian, Moorish, Martin Brothers, de Morgan, ceramics, design

The story of creation
Ashfield, watercolour, colour-wash, water, weather, landscape, creation, landscape, seascape, sky, animals, birds, God, Bible
Fantastic creatures