Link projects with work in PHSE and citizenship to enable children to consider how changes in industry, society and attitudes affected the people of the Victorian era, and how some of those changes still affect our society today.

QCA Units

Art and Design
Unit 3A. Portraying relationships
Unit 3B. Investigating pattern
Unit 5A. Objects and meanings
Unit 5C. Talking textiles
Unit 6A. People in action
Unit 6C. A sense of place
Unit 9gen. Visiting a museum, gallery or site

Unit 2. What were homes like a long time ago?
Unit 1. How are our toys different from those in the past?
Unit 3. What were seaside holidays like in the past?
Unit 12. How did life change in our locality in Victorian times?

NSEAD Units of work

Imaginative plants and flowers and computer generated design
Ashfield, Art Nouveau, mathematical shapes, patterns, motifs, flowers, plants, stencils, floral designs, Eugene Grasset, Arts and Crafts Movement, William Morris, Victorians, William Burgess, computers, fabric, textiles, printing, IT

Jewellery, plaster casting and the Celts
Ashfield, Celts, Celtic, animals, pattern, Mabinogion, clay, jewellery, plaster casting, incising, casts, relief tiles, Myths and Legends, Book of Kells, Ireland, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Elizabethans, Victorians

Relief tiles
Hughes, clay, relief, tiles, texture, animals, decoration, Pre-Raphaelite, Morris, Persian, Moorish, Martin Brothers, de Morgan, ceramics, design

Photography and the Victorians
Hay, Victorian, photograph, photography, print, identity, tableaux, costume, image, history, pinhole, camera, family tree, lifestyle, society, composition, expression, ADDICT

Meager, Christmas, design, decoration, wrapping paper, pattern, cards, celebration

Explore printmaking
Hay, print, printmaking, pattern, positive, ink

STart magazine

Back issues available in the STart archive (members only)

Issue 3, 2003, p6
Digital Palette
Paul Long introduces a new website for art teachers working from nature

Issue 4, 2003, p4
Hands on in the Classroom
Michele Claire Kitto explores the theme of angels Christmas