Art is always concerned with the investigation into our lives, our history and society and our attitudes, so themes such as People, Ourselves or Myself are applicable to almost any curriculum area. In the Early Years these themes are commonly used to create a term's topic. For KS1 and 2 the most obvious links are:

QCA Schemes

Art and Design
Unit 1A. Self-portrait
Unit 3A. Portraying relationships
Unit 6A. People in action
Unit 6B. What a performance

Unit 1A. Ourselves
Unit 1F. Sound and hearing (develop a project on the senses, for instance with Music)
Unit 3A. Teeth and eating
Unit 5A. Keeping healthy
Unit 4A: Moving and growing

Create links through art activities by using the science topic, Moving and Growing and combine this with issues that arise in PHSE such as 'living a healthy lifestyle'.

Unit 03. Animals and us
Unit 04. People who help us
Unit 05. Living in a diverse world

Design and technology
Unit 6A. Shelters
Unit 6B. Slippers

Unit 3. An island home
Unit 19. How and where do we spend our time?

RE at Key Stages 1 and 2
Explore some of the reasons why religion is an important part of people’s lives.
Unit 6F: How do people express their faith through the arts?

Almost any History topic can be used as a starting point for an art project.
See History topics and The World About Us themes on these pages.

Teachers TV

KS1/2 Art - Whole-School Portrait Project
15 minutes
Exploring the theme of portraits from nursery to Year 6

KS1/2 Art - Drawing Self Portraits
15 minutes
Developing drawing and observational skills with portraits

NSEAD Units of Work

Body shapes
Meager, shape, drawing, outline, body, people, shadow, light, story, sequence, narrative, Lowry, Giacometti, Matisse

Stone Age tool prints with carbon paper and white chalk
Evans, outline, shape, print, duplicate, transfer, carbon paper, Stone Age, tools, early peoples, chalk