Environmental problems are of increasing concern to young children, and art, craft and design activities can provide an arena to explore these issues in both a safe and meaningful way. Link projects with geography, citizenship and PHSE to help children develop environmentally responsible attitudes and raise their awareness of local and global issues. You might, for instance, use the key questions from the QCA schemes to initiate an investigation into environmental concerns through art.

QCA Schemes

Art and design
Unit 2B. Mother Nature, de. Mother Nature, designer
Unit 3C. Can we change places?
Unit 6C. A sense of place

Unit 6. Investigating our local area
Unit 8. Improving the environment
Unit 17. Global eye
Unit 21. How can we improve the area we can see from our window?

Other elements might include references to:

Unit 05. Living in a diverse world
Unit 09. Respect for property

Unit 2B. Plants and animals in the local environment
Unit 2C. Variation
Unit 2D. Grouping and changing materials
Unit 2F. Using electricity
Unit 4B. Habitats
Unit 5_6H. Enquiry in environmental and technological contexts

NSEAD units of work

Collecting natural lines
Meager, line, drawing, natural, environment, nature, recording, collection

The natural environment
Hay, natural, environment, sculpture, installation, site-specific, sketchbook, visual elements, visual, tactile, environmental, assemblage, nature, photography, expression, issues

Recycling and imaginative environments
Hay, recycling, sculpture, cardboard, paper, construction, cutting, joining, shape, form, space, reclaimed materials, environment

See also this book: Improving your School Environment.