NSEAD units of work

QCA Schemes

Use the units from Geography QCA schemes to initiate artwork on journeys:
Unit 1. Around our school - the local area
Unit 3. An island home
Unit 5. Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?
Unit 6. Investigating our local area
Unit 24. Passport to the world

This site also links to Art QCA schemes of work:
Unit 4A. Viewpoints
Unit 4C. Journeys

NSEAD units of work

My journey to school
Introductory | Intermediate |
Figg, journeys, transport, experience, painting, drawing, colour, color, picture-making, history, memory

Dreams and Marc Chagall
Intermediate |
Hay, Chagall, dream, painting, colour, color, mood, abstract, Surrealist, Surrealism, expression, narrative, memory, imagination, discussion

Feelings about the built environment
Intermediate | Introductory |
Figg, environment, built environment, sensory, design, architecture, feelings, judgements, opinions, observation, sensory walk, imagination, geography, history, maps, photography, worksheets, ADDICT

Story maps
Intermediate |
Hay, story, map, sequence, character, narrative, line, Klee, drawing, painting, photocopy, collage, myth, legend

Drawing lines
Early Years |
Meager, line, visual elements, drawing, movement, emotion, feeling, expression
The intention of this unit is to focus on a fundamental element of drawing. Something that might be taken for granted, the drawing of lines with young children can provide an essential building block in their expressive vocabulary. With this in mind the unit explores a language of line and encourages children to attempt visual representations of the words.

Collecting natural lines
Early Years |
Meager, line, drawing, natural, environment, nature, recording, collection