Landscape and the built environment

Many of the subject units for Environment still apply, but you might also make con- nections between the following units from the QCA schemes of work to develop an art project on Landscapes.

QCA Schemes

Unit 3. An island home
Unit 4. Going to the seaside
Unit 6. Investigating our local area
Unit 7. Weather around the world
Unit 14. Investigating rivers
Unit 15. The mountain environment
Unit 23. Investigating coasts

Unit 3. What were seaside holidays like in the past?
Unit 13. How has life in Britain changed since 1948?

Unit 3D. Rocks and soils
Unit 3F. Light and shadows

NSEAD units of work

Talking about a landscape painting
Meager, landscape, painting, discussion, criticism, visual elements

Drawing landscape
Meager, drawing, landscape, visual elements, shape, tone

Drawing space outside
Meager, space, landscape, drawing, foreground, background

Painting Imaginary trees and landscapes
Ashfield, imagination, imaginative, painting, trees, forests, woods, landscapes, colour mixing, color mixing, seasons, autumn, winter

Painting landscape
Meager, colour, landscape, painting, natural, observation, photomontage, ADDICT

Starting points for landscape drawings and paintings
Meager, shape, landscape, visual elements, drawing, painting, colour, color, tone, line, space, texture, sketchbooks

Winter landscapes
Snell, winter, white, landscape, snow paint, charcoal, Kuffyn Williams, painting, drawing, Welsh, colour mixing, color mixing

The built environment
Hay, line, shape, space, composition, Klee, environment, towns, city, buildings, horizon, sketchbooks, view, window, abstraction, collage, drawing

Feelings about the built environment
Figg, environment, built environment, sensory, design, architecture, feelings, judgements, opinions, observation, sensory walk