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Improving teaching and learning in the arts

Kear, Mary and Callaway, Gloria ( editors )

Paperback, 173 pp, no illustrations, Falmer Press, 2000

ISBN 0 7505 0799 2

Improving teaching and learning in the arts provides guidance on how to inspire pupils with the skills for learning in the arts and covers the contribution of arts to children's learning, from Art and Design and Design and Technology to Drama and Music. It examines the teacher's role in the teaching and learning of skills, knowledge and understanding in, through and of the arts during the primary school years, to empower children increasingly to make use of the full range of expressive and creative media. The underlying principal is that children need to learn as well as to 'do'; that is, that all children have the right to develop and extend their skills to their full potential.

The book looks at the state of the arts in primary schools and includes an evaluation of the relationships between the arts and those more, spiritual, cultural and social values which impinge on all aspects of the arts and arts education. Each subject within the arts curriculum is concerned separately to illustrate the general and specific issues which influence the work of the class teacher. The authors also take on the current thorny issues of assessment, recording and reporting, offering strategies for ways of responding to children's work, and suggestions for accumulating evidence on which to base assessment. This book is written as an essential support for those training for primary teaching in colleges and universities, those undertaking in-service teacher education, and teachers in schools wishing to use an accessible text to get in touch with some of the more recent thinking about the primary curriculum.

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