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The Arts: The Global Dimension

Theodore, Dylan

Paperback colour illustrations 37pp Published by DEA Nov 2006

ISBN 13 978 1 900109 27 7

This booklet aims to show how the global dimension to arts education can enrich classroom teaching and learning in Art and Design, Dance, Drama and Music. The global dimension:
* explores the ways individuals, communities and cultures shape and are shaped by others locally and globally
* broadens learners' understanding of themselves,their setting and place in an intricate web of relationships
* stimulates pupils to make their own positive contributions by appreciating how artists convey these connected histories and highlight alternative futures.
Arts education offers rich opportunities for pupils to develop a range of skills, concepts and attitudes in music, art, dance and drama. Cultivating a global dimension encourages positive perceptions of pupils' unique place and potential in an interdependent world. It increases the significance of their arts education in and beyond school.
Published by the Development Education Association, this booklet has been written for teachers, advisers, and teacher educators/trainers in arts education, principally for arts coordinators and specialists in the four arts subjects in secondary schools. It will also be useful for facilitators of curriculum development and teachers of other subjects who are looking for innovative ways to incorporate the global dimension in their teaching.It aims to:
* contribute to discussions on what is meant by the global dimension to arts education.
* show how global perspectives in the arts can contribute to a broad and balanced curriculum.
* offer activities, case studies and resources
* provide details of further resources and support for classroom practice.

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