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Depictions of an Odyssey

MacKarell, Peter and Paine, Sheila (ed.)

Paperback, 62 pp, 79 illustrations (43 colour), NSEAD (1990)

ISBN 0 904684 08 3

The author was an artist and teacher of art. In the eight years preceding his death in December 1988, Peter MacKarell suffered from multiple sclerosis. The Odyssey referred to in the title is the experience of his illness, seen as a journey. But this is a book about an artistic journey, influenced but not dominated by the illness and its unrelenting attack on the central nervous system. No other MS sufferer has so eloquently recorded such experiences through the medium of professional skills as a visual artist. His paintings, drawings and writings, provide a unique account of the phases through which he passed, reflecting on visual phenomena and on his feelings (both profound and humorous) about his circumstances or those of his fellow patients. They look inward with a sense of wonder at the experience and outward with a searching curiosity for that of others. They are an artist´s interpretations of a life lived to the full even towards its difficult conclusion and as such they brilliantly transcend the illness itself, leaving us with a sense of vigorous immortality.

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