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Teaching Art to Young Children 4-9

Barnes, Rob

Paperback, 181 pp, 30 b/w illustrations, Routledge (1987)

ISBN 0 415 07891 1

Teaching art and design to young children can be both rewarding and effective. This book blends practical ideas with sound principles of the value of creative work with young children. For the teacher or student looking for ideas there are plenty of tested classroom examples. For those looking for firm principles of art teaching, this book presents many current and important issues in art education with clarity and insight. Based on first-hand experience of teaching children, the book uses many examples from the school situation. Essential topics, such as 'how children draw', 'producing original artwork', 'design and problem-solving', 'classroom organisation', and 'developing ideas' are tackled with realism and imagination. An important feature is that these subjects are not seen in isolation but are purposefully linked with other areas of the school curriculum. The author does not set out to persuade us that his view is the only one and his approach should encourage teachers to develop and rethink from their own beginnings. His writing shows a deep sympathy with children and sensitivity to the real task of teaching art to the young. This enables him to suggest an extensive range of approaches which will meet the immediate needs of teachers.

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