International Journal of Art & Design Education

Building Leadership Roles for Teachers in Art Education

Volume 16.3   1997



As a result of our varied experiences with education of inservice teachers, Thurber and I have constructed a conceptual framework for aspects of building leadership that has relevance for other inservice programmes for art teachers. In this model, teachers build personal voice and become reflective and empowered practitioners who feel validated when they are valued for their personal and professional experiences as teachers. Self-knowledge and autonomy are key outcomes. Collaboration with peers and inservice programme leaders provides opportunities to speak and exchange ideas with others and move beyond personal empowerment and autonomy, to increased knowledge of content and pedagogy, to a context where many individualsi possibilities for shared communication and collaborative professional vision are possible. Individually or collectively, through sustained critical inquiry, teacher-leaders should actively seek to empower others through their public, ethical, moral, and social actions.