International Journal of Art & Design Education

The Formation of the NSEAD: a Dialectical Advance for British Art and Design Education

Volume 8.2   1989



NSEAD has two distinct lines of descent: the Society of Art Masters (est.1888) an association of male Art School Principals whose interests were hierarchical and subject centred, and the Art Teachers' Guild (est 1900) formed in the main of female classroom teachers, and child focussed. The two Societies (or more accurately their successor organisations) amalgamated in 1984 requiring a fusion of their inherent and disparate philosophies. This fusion represented a dialectical advance and a principled consensus. The initiative to fuse started in 1925 but the antipathy of their philosophies and purposes, and the prejudices that existed took 60 years to reconcile. The NSEAD now provides a consolidated debate and a vision for Art Education.