International Journal of Art & Design Education

Current Issues in Art and Design Education: Art Education Today: a Look at its Past and an Agenda for the Future

Volume 8.2   1989



This paper identifies the positive developments in art education, discusses shortfalls and poses an agenda for the future in the context of the centenary of NSEAD. Progress is identified in terms of the publication of JADE, the growth and international nature of the Society and the greater opportunity for research training. This is paralleled in the USA. However, in no country in the world is art seen as a core subject, primary school teachers remain insecure in their knowledge of the subject, and we still have too few researchers. Art continues to be taught as a studio based subject, with too little aesthetics and critical studies in the curriculum. The shift from positivism to artistically based epistemologies in teaching and learning, with the inherent wider conception of 'knowing', suggests an enlightened advocacy and the opportunity for improved scholarship and publication. It is suggested that this needs to be coupled with rigorous teacher training, innovative school structures and productive research.