International Journal of Art & Design Education

Current Issues in Art and Design Education: the Future of the Arts in Schools

Volume 10.1   1991



At a time when the English National Curriculum is akin to a battleground where the inclusion of disciplines and time allocations are the prizes being fought over, and the publication of the Interim Report of the National Curriculum Council Art Working Party is imminent, it is timely to take stock of the position of the arts in schools. This paper critically examines the issues surrounding governmental thinking about arts education at this time, and their favouring of combining subjects at Key Stage 4 as a means of unlocking the problem of an overcrowded curriculum. Making reference to the influential work documented in the Gulbenkian Report The Arts In Schools and The Arts 5-16 it questions the rationales for combined or integrated arts and makes the case for a curriculum model that recognises the essential differences in arts disciplines.