International Journal of Art & Design Education

Attainment Targets in Dutch Visual Arts Education: Unity in Diversity

Volume 10.1   1991



The introduction of attainment targets should be seen as a logical step in the evolution of Dutch visual arts education in the same way as the earlier reform of Dutch secondary education was inevitable. After a long period of curriculum development for the upper grades, as a result of the introduction of nation-wide exams for visual arts education, the time had come to secure a firm basis by reconsidering the content of the visual arts curriculum in the lower grades. One of the most important characteristics of this reform was to be the introduction of 'attainment targets' for all fourteen subjects included in the new basic education. This paper describes the historical context, progress, and outcomes of the 1988 working group for 'visual arts education' charged with this task, and its ultimate dilution as commitment to the project was eroded by altered governmental priorities.