International Journal of Art & Design Education

Varieties of Art Curriculum

Volume 1.1   1982



Feldman provides a typography of varieties of art curriculum currently in use and discusses their assets and liabilities. He suggests that these are (1) Technological (curriculum organised according to a sequence or cycle of technical exercises); (2) Psychological, (cognitive and cathartic models); (3) Anthropological and Historical (the study of humanity through art); and (4) Aesthetic (recognition that artistic events have intellectual, emotional and behavioural sequels). The author argues that art curricula are excessively devoted to antique methods of image production and appreciation and that the contemporary curriculum should be guided by the history of art, the teacher's own background and experience as an artist, the educational agenda of schools, and seeing the visual arts curricula as analogous to the language arts. He concludes that arts curriculum makers must work in the light of a moral agenda.