International Journal of Art & Design Education

Art History in Schools: a comprehensive strategy

Volume 1.1   1982



This paper suggests a strategy for teaching the history of art in schools as opposed to appreciation, criticism, visual education, visual communication, cultural studies or other terms that suggest something more liberal and unfettered by chronology. An argument is made for (1) the need for structure in teaching the subject; (2) an acknowledgement that the traditional structures are not suitable for all pupils; (3) courses in primary and lower secondary schools will enrich the learning of all pupils, irrespective of whether they aspire to examination success in history of art; and (4) the use of such courses as a sensible preparation for those who will eventually take examinations in the subject. In conclusion, it is submitted that the close examination and analysis of particular works of art expected of serious students of the subject is hardly possible unless it is on the basis of a broad map of experience such as that proposed here.