International Journal of Art & Design Education

Defining a Design Dimension of the Curriculum

Volume 4.3   1985



The author credits Alberti with our notion of the inter-dependence of art and design but suggests that technology and design are of equal importance. He goes on to describe the work of the Design Education Unit and his interest in finding ways to re-integrate this complex relationship and make the pupil's encounter with design in school a more coherent experience. He concludes with an agenda for development.Misconceptions about the nature of design studies need to be confronted and dispelled;

  • The scope and character of design as a dimension of the curriculum needs to be better defined
  • The teaching and learning relationships implied by the nature of design studies need to be further developed;
  • The interaction between subjects contributing to design awareness needs to be more clearly understood;
  • The design aspects of training need to be extended
  • Timetabling, courses and examinations need to be adapted o take account of the nature and aims of design education.